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I’m Si Qi, a junior doctor by profession, with a passion for baking. I was born in Singapore, lived overseas for most of my life including undergraduate studies at Johns Hopkins University, and moved back here in 2015 for medical school. Starting July 2019, I started the beginning of the next stage of my medical career and starting my training as a house officer (now medical officer)!
I’m not a pro but love baking and decorating desserts as a hobby. It is one of my favorite artistic outlets, very much necessary after any long days.
You may also catch me jamming to random songs on my piano and guitar, most recently with my jam band from med school, watching a cappella covers, and more often than not, on the lookout for more baking and design ideas.
With My Dose of Sugar, I hope to share recipes and jot down ideas for future variations and tips to improve. I love experimenting with textures and flavors, and some of these recipes are adapted to fit Asian taste buds as well.
Even though I may not be able to bake as often as I want to, I will still do so whenever I feel particularly inspired. Or when I’m craving something, feeling the urge to experiment (I no longer work in a lab), and my most favorite of all, custom making something that a friend or family requests for.
Happy baking, munching, and making good use of our second dessert stomach 🙂

Contact: tansiqi93@gmail.com
Instagram: @sushimonster26

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