Hello and a warm welcome!

Welcome to my blog My Dose of Sugar!

Four years in the making, I’ve finally compiled recipes and written up some of my bakes over the past few years. For those who know me you’ll probably know that I love to bake and making these sweet treats is one of my favorite artistic outlets. I bake when I’m relaxing, I bake when I’m stressed, and I do go on occasional hiatus sometimes but I’m always looking out for baking inspirations and wish I could bake more.

It was only when compiling this that I realized, woa I guess I did bake quite a bit 🙈. These are recipes compiled over the past few years, including my time at Hopkins and visits back to Shanghai or Singapore when I would bake during holidays, and writing these brought back many many amazing memories :’) Shoutout to some of my friends and family and thank you for these good times – there may be special mentions throughout these posts.

This website was also so long in the making that I had to edit the About Me section… This was how it looked like before I publicized this blog:

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 8.45.42 AM.png

My Dose of Sugar in 2017

Darn that intro was so geeky but I’m keeping it in this post for nostalgia purposes. The second part I had to edit it out is that as of a few weeks ago, I’m no longer a medical student 😱, and this might take a while to fully sink in. In the next week I will be starting my first house officer posting and begin training as a junior doctor. In a way I don’t feel that much different since graduation as the school has been transitioning us into clinical practice quite gradually, especially over the last few months of medical school. (I may be wrong, ask me again in a few months time)! On the other hand, I know that things will be quite different and tougher as an actual doctor versus training – it will take a lot of hard work and mental perseverance, and I will still be learning every day just like a medical student. While I’m slightly nervous I’m also curious with what to expect, and it’s a transition into the next step of our medical journey that I’m looking forward to.

Anyways, enjoy the blog and please try out the recipes if you can! You can find random tips and tricks, links to the places I get inspirations from, and some of my favorite recipes accumulated over the years. Please ask me anytime if you have any questions or advice on where to start! And since I’ve modified some of the recipes please also ask if you’d like any clarifications or clearer explanations, will be happy to answer (and talk about baking)!

Happy browsing, and as house officer year starts I hope I’ll still keep baking and updating this blog, so stay tuned. For now, thank you very much for popping by, say hi anytime and enjoy!

Shout out to:

IMG_2781 (1)

To the greatest family in the whole world

And from our recent graduation trip to Hokkaido, Japan: some of the most special people I’ve met over the past four years and have had the privilege to go through medical school with.


Hokkaijo crew Grad Trip (Lake Toya, Hokkaido)

Thank you for the good times and such a memorable trip, and best of luck to all for our upcoming first postings 💪!