Paddlepop Macarons

Paddlepop always reminds me of childhood Saturday mornings in Easy Coast Park, when we would cycle along the coast. Back then cycling from East Coast all the way to Parkway Parade was a huge accomplishment! We will sometimes end off with treat, sometimes McDonalds (the rare times my mother would let us eat it), and sometimes, Paddlepop ice cream. When I was a child I was a very slow eater, and will always associate Paddlepop ice cream with it dripping all over my hands, and me frantically trying to lick it off while trying to finish the paddlepop.

These macarons were fun to think of and even more fun to make! I didn’t think too much about the flavor options – just something simple and reminiscent of Paddlepop. So it was a simple vanilla buttercream. If you want you can add caramel flavoring to it for the true paddlepop flavor (I actually wasn’t able to put a finger to what the paddlepop flavor is but thank you google!)

Recipe adapted from Ann Readon’s How To Cook That Salted caramel macarons, filled with vanilla buttercream.


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