Hazelnut Nutella Tiramisu

This one’s a keeper!! Love that this uses egg whites to lighten the tiramisu cream, similar to the older recipe from previous tiramisu attempts. This one had additional bits of nutella ganache for that extra nutty indulgence 🙂 I like making my tiramisus with egg-based recipes, and for concerns of using raw eggs cook the egg yolk-custard over a double boiler to pasteurize it. I still prefer this method as it lets the marscapone cream shine as the main ingredient as opposed to the milk flavor from whipped cream! I modified this recipe a bit mainly to fit with the proportions to the ingredients I was able to get. I used dark Bacardi Carta Negra rum instead of hazelnut liquor. My nutella ganache also split (gave it a crunchy texture hm), likely because I didnt bring the cream to room temperature prior to adding to the nutella, so needa be more precise with the temperature consistency next time.

For the container I used a modified tupperware container lined with Aluminum foil and additional parchment paper, so that it can go into the fridge easily as a tupperware container but still lifted out and plated properly before serving. The assembly and flavor profile was  inspired from Confessions of a Confectionista’s Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Tiramisu here. Other troubleshooting – to figure out how long to soak each ladyfinger, I like to swirl it around 4-5 rounds and quickly remove, and break into half lengthwise. After a few you’ll get a sense of how long to soak each ladyfinger in the coffee-liqueur mix!

Hazelnut Tiramisu
Makes 1 10-inch (25 cm) tiramisu
Hazelnut Tiramisu adapted from Delicious
225g Nutella
1 tbs cocoa powder, plus extra to dust
200 ml heavy cream
(150ml for tiramisu, 50ml for nutella ganache)
4 fresh eggs, separated
1/2 cup (110g) caster sugar
500g mascarpone
2 cups (500ml) strong black coffee
4 tablespoons Dark Rum (or hazelnut liqueur)
350g Savoiardi ladyfinger biscuits
100g hazelnuts, toasted, finely chopped (omited)
To make Nutella GanachePlace Nutella (slightly heat up to room temperature), cocoa and 50ml cream in a bowl and stir to combine.

To make Tiramisu

In a clean and dry stand mixer, separate out egg whites and whisk to stiff peaks.  Set aside.

Place egg yolks and sugar in a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment and whisk for 4-5 minutes or until thick and pale. Set on top of a double boiler and continue to whisk by hand until it comes to around 50 – 60 degrees C gently. Place back on the stand mixed and whisk until it returns to room temperature. It should be thick and pale, with a ribbon stage quality, and the sugar should be mostly dissolved to know it’s done.

Add mascarpone and remaining 150ml cream.  Whisk until thick and combined. Add in a few tablespoons of dark rum to taste.

In 2 batches, gently fold egg whites into the mascarpone mixture, then chill for 1 hour or until set.

To Assemble

Combine coffee and liqueur in a shallow dish. Dip enough biscuits into the coffee mixture to cover the base of the baking dish or container. Cover biscuits with chopped toasted hazelnuts (optional), then spoon over half the Nutella ganache, using a palette knife to spread evenly. Top with half the mascarpone cream and spread evenly. Repeat with remaining biscuits, hazelnuts and Nutella ganache. Chill for 2 hours or overnight to set. Dust with extra cocoa to serve.

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