Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake


Fun creation for mooncake festival using the technique from Two Bites Kitchen. The original recipe is a rainbow layered mooncake, but I’m not sure how receptive this will be to family ad friends in Singapore who are more used to traditional pastries. I picked taro, inspired by this purple sweet potato pastry my friend Mike brought back from Taiwan! It’s called Crystal Taro Mochi Cake (台灣紫晶酥) and consists of thin layers of baked flaky pastry encasing a lava-like taro filling, and with a secret mochi in each piece.

Using purple sweet potato vs taro produced a darker color and thicker texture, but perhaps not as buttery and indulgent as taro (which the original tasted like orhnee). I guess you can say it is healthier version as it is 100% natural without additional sugar in the filling? Next time though I’d definitely work towards improving the texture, perhaps figure out a way to lighten up the purple sweet potato without using cream or milk, and to make the mochi even stretchier and lighter.

Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake
Makes 18 pieces

Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake adapted from Nasi Lemak Lover
Tutorial method from Two Bites Kitchen
(Scaled by *0.83 for all the ingredients in order to scale to 100g ghee for oil dough)

Purple Sweet Potato Filling:

800 g peeled, steamed and mashed purple sweet potato
80 g confectioner’s sugar
80g unsalted butter

Oil dough:

255g cake flour
120g Glee
1/4 tsp yam essence
Few drops of purple food coloring

Water dough:

300 g plain flour
23 g icing sugar
105 g ghee
115 g ice cold water


50g Glutinous rice flour
15g Corn starch
25g Sugar
100g Water
1 tsp Oil

To make Purple Sweet potato filling

Steam mashed sweet potato and add int he butter and sugar until all incorporate. Set aside to cool before use. Weigh 30 g balls of filling and wrap over mochi, and  shape into a ball

For the oil dough: Mix cake flour, essence, ghee until soft and pliable. Add food coloring and knead until color is uniform. Cover and let rest 20 minutes

For water dough: Mix everything and knead until it comes together into a pliable soft dough. Cover and let rest for 20 minutes.

ProportionsCrust: 50 g water dough and 33 g oil dough. Filling: 30 g balls and bits of Mochi

To assemble Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake

Flatten water dough and wrap oil dough inside. Roll out into a long shape like a swiss roll. Roll from the shorter side into long shape and roll like swiss roll from the shorter side

Cut dough into 2 portions and repeat until the rest of the dough is finished. Flatten the dough start from the swirl side and roll out into a round disc.

Flip over and wrap in sweet potato and seal tightly. Place edges downwards

Bake at 170 degrees celcius for 25 minutes exactly. Bake pastries directly from the fridge

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