Tea Berry Granola

Easy recipe from one of Peaceful Cuisines creations! Love his videos, super peaceful and I can just watch him make desserts in the background. He does ceramics as well. His video is titled in Japanese “Tea Berry Granola (vegan) ☆ 紅茶グラノーラの作り方” and just seeing that title with the classical music is enough to put me in zen mode hehe. For when I need a quick relaxing youtube getaway, his channel is an absolute relaxing go-to.  And just as important, the packaging is really nice in the video as well 🙂

To make the granola clump, whip up an egg white till frothy, and coat the granola with it before placing in the oven. Break up the chunks after baking.


Tea Berry Granola (vegan)
Makes 1 9×13 tray
Key Lime Pie adapted from Peaceful Cuisine


300 g oats
40 g maple syrup or honey
60 g oil
30 g shredded coconut
60 g almonds
3 tbsp black tea leaves
1 tsp vanilla extract
60 g dried cranberry
60 g dried blueberry
1 egg white

To make Tea Berry Granola

Toast nuts, coconut, and chop up the ingredients. Melt the honey with the black tea leaves, allowing it to infuse slightly.

Mix all the ingredients together, leaving out the dried fruits. Coat with 1 frothy egg white if you prefer your granola clumpy

Bake at 350F/180C for 30 minutes, and break into clumps as desired.

Add dried fruits and toss to mix


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