“Black Note” Vinyl Cookies

This post is dediated to 🎬#Who Killed The Adman? A short film made by my father and my sister Lily. This film is dedicated to the past and present admen for their passion towards the advertising industry.

It interviews some of the admen and their thoughts behind the rise and fall of the old school advertising industry (think tv series Mad Men!). While advertising will never be dead, it is constantly evolving with the social media era. I grew up with stories about how my dad’s first job in advertising was cutting paper letters to stick on storyboards when he was fresh out of pre-u/army, how he decided to explore art in taiwan when we were kids, and even though I didn’t really understand many of the references such as the 17.65%, one thing I could feel is how much he and his fellow admen love what they do. Very proud of the hard work that went into this and the conversations created – whether it’s love or hate.

They held a launch event at Black Note, my dad’s new Vinyl Jazz bar, another dream he’s always had. Not an easy process and it’s still in the launching phases but very proud of him. He inspires me to make your own dreams come true.

Wanted to make these for the opening party! Should’ve picked a stiffer batter (with probably 2x more flour) instead of one that’s lighter / more crunchier inspired by the Japanese Shiroi Koibito 白い恋人, because the letters didn’t show up! Oh well! Haha. It tastes like an oreo version of the 白い恋人, and its made slice and bake style. It’ll probably look even neater and less graphic design if its a stiffer batter. Taste wise it was alright!

Other references: Oreo cookies by Bon Appétit (requires moulds), Marble Fondant designs, Homemade Oreos by Cook Kafemaru

Vinyl Cookies

Makes around 90 cookies
Vinyl Cookies adapted from Cooking tree 쿠킹트리


300g Unsalted butter
240g Powdered sugar
2g Salt
80g Egg
4g Vanilla extract
260g Cake flour + 20g extra
(Or 560g flour + 20 g extra for letters to show up)
15g black cocoa powder
5 g cocoa powder
1-2 teaspoon black charcoal powder
Food coloring in red, blue, orange
Cut-out letter stamps

To make Vinyl Cut-out Cookies

Cream unsalted butter, icing sugar and salt in a large mixing bowl. Add vanilla extract and mix eggs in 2 additions. Mix with 260g flour and baking powder.

Divide dough into half, and into additional thirds for the half of the portion. Add in 3g of flour + food coloring to each small portion and 20g of black cocoa powder to the other half portion. Mix well. Chill in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

Roll out the colored dough into three long cylinders you want the cross section to be. Let it chill in the fridge. Wrap each cylinder dough with black oreo dough, roll the whole thing in baking paper and freeze for 30 minutes in the freezer.

Slice the cookies around 3-5mm thick and arrange them on the oven pan. Feel free to use cut out letter stamps if you choose to use a higher concentration of flour. Bake in a 160° oven (preheated at 170 ° for 20 minutes) for 15 minutes.

Also, please check out and bope you enjoy the film! Here’s an embed 😀 and an Campaign Brief article about it here!


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