Matcha Butter Cups

A fun variation of Reese’s peanut butter cups! Easily done using cupcake liners, and made ‘vegan’ and gluten free by using organic coconut oil and gluten free vegan chocolate (Charles Market across the street from campus usually carried some!). Brought this for Ketzev rehearsal to cater for a a cappella mate who was gluten-intolerant. The coconut oil nicely stabilizes it (though it would melt in your hands if you hold it for too long), and its slightly more guilt-free, just slightly. Love the matcha as always though.

When attempting this recipe, don’t worry if its difficult to shape the matcha into place. When you add the warm chocolate, it actually melts it slightly and it fills into the buttercup shape really nicely. Serve with extra matcha powder!

Recipe: adapted from Keep In It Kind (design) and Fit Mitten Kitchen (recipe)


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