Mochi Brownies (Ver. 2)


Part I is chocolate brownies with specks of Mochi that provides bits of chewy oozey mochi when bitten. Part II is made with Mochiko flour as the base for a chewy brownie texture. Interestingly only my asian friends enjoyed it! The guys at a cappella found it quite weird hahha so my Asian little sis in Ketzev Jamie and I just .. Kinda finished it all.

Recipe: adapted from Mochi Brownies from Make Food. Eat Food.

Mochi Brownies
makes 16 large squares


1 cup of water
4 tbsp of cocoa powder
3 ½ tbsp of butter
2 tbsp of vegetable oil
2 ¼ cups of sweet rice flour (Mochiko flour)
1 ½ cups of sugar
½ tsp of baking soda
a pinch of salt
2 large eggs
a splash or two of vanilla extract
½ cup of chocolate chips

How to make Mochi Brownies (Version 2):

1. Combine water, butter, vegetable oil and cocoa powder in a small pot over medium heat. If necessary, whisk to make sure the cocoa powder is dissolved completely. Remove the cocoa mix from the heat and set aside.
2. In a large mixing bowl, add the dry ingredients (sweet rice flour, sugar, salt, and baking soda). Pour in the cocoa mix, stir to combine.
3. Add the eggs, vanilla extract and chocolate chips. Stir to make sure everything in incorporated evenly
4. Pour the mochi brownie batter into a parchment lined 9×9 pan.
5. In a 350°F/175°C preheated oven, bake the mochi brownies for 45 – 55 minutes.
6. Remove from the oven and set aside to cool for 5-10 minutes.
7. Cut into sizes of your choice and enjoy!


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