S’mores Brownies

It was quite a nice “American” experience making these with my Ketzev friends. Becky called up her mother, who dictated the family recipe over the phone, and we layered the brownies, graham crackers (the ones made famous by American camp fire smores), and jumbo marshmallows. Fresh out of the oven was great, and when cooled and served at a cappella practice, still devine, with the marshmallow keeping its strands of ooze. The graham crackers provided a really nice honey crunch. Prepare to be licking the chocolate and marshmallows off your fingers when eating this :)! And of course, most fun shared with friends, a cappella, and good memories of college life.

Recipe: family recipe from Becky’s mom, but you can probably recreate something similar by following this recipe from Oh Sweet Basil. The layers are Brownies first, marshmallow, then graham crackers, then returning to the oven for a few additional minutes with more marshmallows!


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