Coconut Macaroons

I first tried these from Carma’s café in Baltimore, a go-to spot just a few blocks away from campus for brunch, girl talks and spontaneous dates. It’s a quaint café that served a wonderfully comforting tomato basil soup with grilled cheese, sesame noodles, and the best coffee in the area. They had a huge range, I remember, and even included fun flavors. It’s one of those spots that I can spontaneously text a good girlfriend with “Carmas?:)”, and it’ll always end up a nice catch up session. And sorority meet and greets, even group hang outs – many invaluable friendships were formed here :’)

Anyways, back to coconut macaroons. Carmas made great coconut macaroons, super chewy and definitely had hints of condensed milk, which I tried to replicate. The light and crisp texture was probably from a recipe containing whipped egg whites as well. There are many variations, but I did enjoy these quite a bit. Check out the recipe below!

Recipe: adapted from Ina Garten from Food Network


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