Multigrain Bread

Review of Ikea’s multigrain bread mix (BRÖDMIX FLERKORN Multigrain bread baking mix). Saw this at Ikea for $4.99, and it sounds so simple and fun to make – just need to open the milk carton like packaging, add water to the line, shake and pour into a bread pan. It’s also relatively healthy and contains a bunch of whole grains such as rye and sunflower seeds. Pretty much similar to a traditional scandinavian Rye bread.

Emmy Made in Japan also made a tutorial video! Check it out here.

I was quite impressed with the results. It’s a biiit gummy (but it’s expected due to the gluten-free flours), but I didn’t mind, not so picky with bread. Flavor from the multigrain was hearty. Haha it also grew mouldy quite quickly (within 2-3 days?) and I had to throw about a third of it away. What to expect from preservative free I guess!Bread Mix!

Ikea’s Brödmix Flerkorn Multigrain Bread Mix
Makes 1 loaf of bread

1 carton Brödmix Flerkorn Multigrain Bread Mix
600 ml Warm Water

To make Multigrain Mix

Line loaf pan with baking paper

Open the cake mix and add in 600 ml of warm water. Shake until well combined. Pour batter into pan.

Let batter rest for 45 minutes at room temperature. Bake for 45 minutes at 400 degrees F (220 degrees celcius)



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